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In the World of Confectioners, we give packaging materials a second chance. Although we use several thousand boxes a month, we try to make the operation of our e-shop as environmentally friendly as possible. We can do what is simplest and most effective. Have several sizes of custom-made boxes made, for better memorability you can print them with our logo and make beautifully colored custom-made ribbons. From a business, advertising and marketing point of view, it would make sense. But would it make sense from a natural point of view as well? We have no illusions that the few thousand boxes will save the fields of the Amazon rainforest, and not even the grove somewhere near North Leigh, but we can be sure that if most e-shops did the same, it would already be known. And just as you, our customers, inspire us, we try to inspire others.

Because your loved ones will enjoy the cake, regardless of whether you received raw materials and necessities in a new bleached box with the logo of our online store or in a used printing machine toner box, or pre-printed boxes from goods made by another company, and in the end she didn't sell so many…

And so in the World of Confectioners we have set the following zero waste rules:

  1. We will use 100% of the boxes from the goods that come to us from our suppliers - we will send at least a few hundred boxes and boxes into operation per month.
  2. We have found several companies in our area that have no use for used boxes, and instead of shredding or putting them in the incinerator, they store them for us and are happy to stop and take them from time to time as we drive by. We do this not only with boxes, but also with used tubes from packaging foils, or with paper corners from furniture packaging.
  3. We have an agreement with the manufacturers of cartons and boxes, who will let us know if they do not succeed in any order. This is usually a box that is not completely perfect and straight or does not fit exactly the product for which it was cut. We also rescue such boxes otherwise intended for disposal and continue to use them.
  4. When we buy boxes, 90% we buy used and recycled ones - we immediately found two suppliers who specialize in the purchase of used boxes and their subsequent sale.
  5. We use bubble wrap or air cushions on the fillings, in which the goods came packed to us, and we try to eliminate the purchase of new unused bubble wrap and so-called stretchers.
  6. We collect unused advertising newspapers and discount leaflets from supermarkets and hypermarkets in the area. So don't be surprised when you receive goods packed, for example, in action from Lidl, JYSK, Billa etc. (And we regularly pick up a box with thrown out leaflets and discounts under the boxes in the block of flats where we live😊).
  7. We use parts of already damaged boxes for padding, the so-called cardboard cut, which would otherwise not have a chance to prove its usefulness.
  8. We do not print invoice packages and rather send them by e-mail. It's faster, cleaner and you always have it in your mail box…
  9. We help with the civic collection of paper and cardboard boxes, newsprint for fillings and bubble wrap from people from our surroundings - Karviná and Ostrava. 

Do you have ideas on how to help nature even more? Write to us at and give us your tip…

We cooperate with authorized packaging companies and organizations of responsible packaging manufacturers specializing in recycling and waste recovery. In the Czech Republic it is the company Eko-kom (under number F00200256), in Slovakia Natur-pack under No. 10841.





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