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Sold out?

We try to keep most of the best selling items you need in stock. However, this is not always the case. The coating, mould or die you need right now may be out of stock at the moment. But that's okay.

We continuously replenish our stock and restock several times a week. So it is very likely that we are able to deliver the item you are looking for usually within a few days.

Something missing here?

It may be that to make a truly perfect cake or desserts, you need something that you can't currently find in our shop. No problem, just send us a photo, a link to the site, the name or a sales code and we will provide you with the ingredients or tools.

No double postage, no hassle and a pleasure.

We bake in it with you...

Contact us by email at, online chat or by phone at +420 55 55 07 800.

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