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The manufacturers and suppliers of food and raw materials included in the CEFF certification project have set themselves the goal of providing consumers with easy guidance in their food choices and thus helping them to reduce their consumption of unwanted chemical additives in food. Products that meet CEFF certification are marked with a logo that lasts for one year.

The CEFF logo can only be found on foods that are free of the most monitored ethics, which include preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners and glutamate. These ethers are a burden on our bodies; the human body does not need them, it just tolerates them and cannot process them. The CEFF project does not argue about food safety or the harmfulness of individual ethers. It does not argue that ethers are dangerous and does not dispute the current legislation on additives. However, it is aware that for many ethers, the maximum amount of consumption must be respected, otherwise there is a risk of health problems. The health effects on at-risk consumer groups and the effects of long-term consumption of combinations of individual écols are not regularly tested. Testing of the harmfulness of substances is mostly carried out on animals; for ethical reasons, substances are not tested on young children, allergic people or the sick.

Certified E-Friendly Food - Zero Chemical Additives

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